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Apr 2013

Christine Crandell - Adventures of a Serial CMO

April 8, 2013


Susan Finch interviews Christine Crandell, President of New Business Strategies.

During their discussion Christine covered the differences between leading Boomers vs. Millennials and the group fringing on both ends.

They also hashed over the regular confusion businesses have over hiring a consultant versus hiring a contractor. Many times clients try to stretch one into the role of the other without fully understanding the differences. 

Further in the interview, Christine and Susan examined Management by Objectives (MBO) and targeted contributions; they need to be measurable. It's not acceptable to talk nothing but of concepts, and goals. There needs to be concrete evidence of success, failure or progress.  There needs to be accountability, as well. Are you the one who put together the plan? Are you the one responsible for the results or at least reporting on them?

The topic of reinvention and morphing was also part of the show. Women have a tendency to morph more into roles rather than honing  their idea business persona that matches who they truly are at all times. Part of that is due to fear, part of it is due to the fact they've never spent the time to define themselves and core values.

Join us for this show on Thursday at 5pm to listen to it. 

About Christine Crandell: Christine Crandell is a 25-year B2B expert in market strategy, driving demand, and building successful, profitable organizations. Her work with CEOs and Boards is focused on helping them understand how to optimize their strategy and align their organizations to accelerate revenue. As President of New Business Strategies, she leads the international strategy consulting firm and has advised over 100 client CEOs and Board of Directors in North America, Europe and Australia in areas including M&A, market category creation, company strategy, and go-to-market planning. She also advises sales and marketing teams on how to structural and culturally align with buyers to dramatically improve performance.

It is from her direct experience as a serial CMO that the Seller’s Compass™ Methodology was born. CMOs are faced with new expectations to optimize prospect and customer engagement, improve ROI, and drive significant portion of revenue pipelines through new social technologies. Through first-hand experience in experimenting with new market engagement models, Christine discovered the power of aligning outward to buyers and the buyers’ journey. Over a five year period, she refined the Seller’s Compass methodology into a program that can be implemented by companies of all sizes, across all industries.

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