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Sep 2018

What can AI do for me? Speaking to the puzzled, intrigued and curious.


What do sales managers say about AI as a tool to help them manage? Are they welcoming or defensive. Our guest, Anil Kaul, says that most are still puzzled, intrigued and curious. Tune in Thursday 10:30am Pacific.

He asks us to ask the question, "What am I going to be doing next to increase productivity?" First, hire the right sales person, coach them, and spend the time training them. Companies spend a lot of time hiring and firing sales staff. They take the hit and miss approach. And now sales managers are expected to spend all of their time coaching. Listen to how this can be solved so sales can get back to SALES and managers can better use their time. 

It's almost like a pocket coach telling you what will work best next. THIS is a great support for managers. But what about the companies that choose to hire coaches?

  • not easy to find
  • coaches are expensive
  • acoach does best on what they know and experience.

AI has all the data available. 

  • AI learns from history of that client or prospect.
  • AI learns from other similar prospects and clients and can go back in history to see what has worked in the past.
  • AI learns from your best sales people.
  • AI continuously learning, finding patterns and humans might miss.
  • AI learns in real time and can adjust in real time based on new data.

We expect too much from our sales teams:

  • expect sales to consume tons of information - read the news, make connections from all the information.
  • be analtyically so good to figure out what is the best plan for their customer or prospect.
  • best sales people have that intuition, but 98% don't have that skill.

Listen to this show to the solution for sales and sales managers. Let's get back to sales being an enjoyable, exciting job!

About Anil Kaul

Anil has over 22 years of experience in advanced analytics, market research, and management consulting. He is very passionate about analytics and leveraging technology to improve business decision-making. Prior to founding Absolutdata, Anil worked at McKinsey & Co. and Personify. He is also on the board of Edutopia, an innovative start-up in the language learning space.

An in-demand writer and speaker, Anil has published articles in McKinsey Quarterly, Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing Research and International Journal of Research. He was recently listed among the ‘10 Most Influential Analytics Leaders in India’ by Analytics Magazine India and has been quoted as a “Game Changer” in Research World. Anil has spoken at many industry conferences and top business schools, including Dartmouth, Berkeley, Cornell, Yale, Columbia and New York University.

Anil holds a Ph.D. and a Master of Marketing degree, both from Cornell University.


About Absolutdata:

Absolutdata products and services deliver scalable business impact across the enterprise by combining cutting edge AI and ML with its heritage in analytical frameworks, business understanding and technology. A full suite of AI-powered products and data science services are changing the way global brands make decisions. Absolutdata’s NAVIK AI Platform has pre-built solutions, customizable solutions, and enabling services to get an enterprise AI-ready. The growing set of AI-powered SaaS solutions include NAVIK SalesAI, NAVIK MarketingAI and NAVIK ConceptAI. The services teams build custom solutions based on NAVIK AI. Founded in 2001, Absolutdata is based in San Francisco and employs 400 professionals across offices in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, London, Singapore, Dubai and Gurgaon.

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