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Oct 2021

Creating something beyond the pool of acceptable substitutes


This is the second part of the interview with Sean Doyle. We brought a couple of points back for context. We hope you take his points to heart regarding hiring a CMO, and the terminology used by Sales and Marketing - do they match?

4 Questions a CEO should know before hiring a CMO: You wouldn't hire your nephew out of high school to run your sales team, why do you do it to run  your marketing team and campaigns? 

"Here's another simple litmus test to sales and marketing have a common language, but what does sales call somebody who's at the point of action, they need a proposal. They want to know what it would look like to buy your product or service. What does marketing call that person? Just ask them those questions. If they don't even call a prospect the same thing, you don't have marketing alignment. If they don't understand what marketing alignment is at all, tell them, just Google it and start the journey. 

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Feb 2015

Content and Lead Generation through RSS Feeds

The Geekspeak Guides, Susan Finch and Yvonne Heimann, are at it again giving you ideas of how to use your own site content, content from other sites and from venues such as Youtube, Pinterest and more to populate your site, your podcasting venues such as iTunes and Stitcher. These ideas will help create that fill in content for your social media posts to give you more time to REALLY engage with people in real conversations. This episode was recently featured on Blubrry as a valuable episode.

RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is your simple pipeline of information. In a nutshell, it’s a properly formatted text file created dynamically by websites such as blogs and other content management systems. They don’t all create them, but most do. There are even tools you can use to create one on your own. THIS is the file you want so you can PUSH your content and reuse it, reshape it and share it better with MANY more venues including iTunes. You may use this superpower whether you are gathering content from your website, Pinterest, podcast or other online sites and services.

This video will give you several ideas and teach you how to find your RSS feed on your own site, and where you can use it.

Did you know that PINTEREST is actually a BLOG with CATEGORIES? That means that your entire Pinterest account and individual boards can all be treated as an RSS feed. 

Google offers a great FREE tool to generate a feed post, allow subscribers, manage subscribers and allow you to bring in content from other sites into your own, share your content with others with just a few lines of code and it is all DYNAMIC using RSS.

Having a feed address gives you something very specific to submit to Google on one specific topic. 

Podcasts use XML/RSS feeds, as well. It's a text file with useful fields for these various venues. For a podcast, it knows to look for the associated media file, episode art and excerpt. Depending on the podcasting service you use such as Blubrry, Podbean, Lipsyn, you'll be given different options before they send your fabulous content off to venues such as iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud and more.

This 20 minute show gives you some great ideas to use your content to generate more interest, more credibility, more leads and ultimately more sales. Trust us, we know this works.

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Jan 2015

SLMA ROI SpotLight: Alight Analytics

In this 12 minute SLMA ROI SpotLIght, Alight Analytics founders Michelle Jacobs and Matt Hertig are interviewed about the potential ROI for clients using its ChannelMix Platform and consulting services. Projected ROI is the result of the ChannelMix program’s ability to take data from many sources and provide reports which are actionable.  The founders of Alight Analytics were also interviewed on SLMA Radio on July 1, 2014.

Dec 2014

How Managing Leads for Independent sales channels brings big results

Managing sales leads has always gotten its biggest visibility for those organizations that have direct sales forces.  But there are advocates that say that managing leads for the independent channel can be just as fruitful and in many cases more so.  In this interview Jim LaBelle of LeadTrack software shares why the right software and the right management of leads for the independent channel can be tremendously productive.  The host for this program is Jim Obermayer.
About Jim LaBelle
Jim Labelle is the President and owner of LEADTRACK Software. After an exciting career in telecommunications he purchased LEADTRACK Software as a way to reduce travel while staying involved in sales and marketing.  He saw an opportunity in LEADTRACK to leverage his extensive experience in sales and marketing to help companies improve the effectiveness of marketing programs and increase sales through both direct and indirect distribution channels.  During his career with GTE/Verizon he and his family relocated 14 times as he was given assignments with ever increasing responsibility throughout the organization. He started as a direct sales rep and moved through various positions in sales, distribution, logistics, marketing, customer service and general management. He was given responsibility to manage large regional and national sales teams; business and consumer retail chains; customer call centers with more than 2500 reps and was a pioneer in the launch of the original wireless business model that included using indirect sales partners to meet the exponential growth of the industry. He retired as an area president for GTE/Verizon and was then named CEO of 21st Century Telesis, a wireless startup with markets throughout the US. 
This broad career background created the basis for many professional service contracts over the next several years with a number of telecommunication clients developing business plans; launching markets and securing financing.
In 2004 he purchased LEADTRACK Software recognizing the value of providing tools for large and small companies to manage valuable sales leads, distribution channels and marketing budgets. He also saw the opportunity to provide affordable solutions to all market segments without the need for budget busting monthly user subscription fees. 
LEADTRACK introduced one of the first sales lead management software programs in 1978. For 40 years LEADTRACK has refined its sales lead management software products to keep abreast of changing technology and to include state of the art features allowing clients to optimize sales lead management functions., from a  PC, the Web or any mobile device.
LEADTRACK solutions are deployed as either a public cloud solution called LEADTRACK on Demand or in a client server design installed on your premise, within your firewall in your private cloud. Our private cloud application called LEADTRACK Complete is comprised of LT Plus and LT Web, allowing access from any device. LT Plus is the core logic for the management and navigation of the LEADTRACK data base. LT Web is a companion product to LT Plus and allows unlimited login users with no monthly subscription fees. LEADTRACK offers closed-loop sales lead management tool for rapidly and effectively importing, distributing, nurturing, and analyzing sales leads. With just a few clicks, you can evaluate all of your demand generation programs. LEADTRACK also permits integration with backend CRM support tools and other business systems.
Sep 2014

Is traditional direct marketing dead?

Craig Huey, in this week's show, tackles a tough subject when he answers the question, Is Traditional Direct Marketing Dead?  Of course, he says it isn't, and with good reason, but the naysayers are out there.  Huey says direct marketing is stronger than ever and is more accountable than most programs.  Hear what he has to say and learn why direct is more direct and profitable than ever in this interview with SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer.

Craig Huey: The Authority on accountable advertising 
Craig Huey, the President of Creative Direct Marketing Group, is recognized as one of the world's leading experts in direct response marketing. He is the winner of 78 major marketing awards for break-through campaigns for multimillion-dollar sales.

Craig works with small companies and major corporations. His campaigns have targeted municipal areas to international markets. Working with over 1,000 companies, Craig has helped successful companies become more successful, and troubled companies to recover.

Articles by and about Craig Huey have appeared in Inc., DM News, Direct Marketing, Target Marketing, Christianity Today, and Adweek.

He is also the creator of the V.I.V.A.™ (Valuable Information, Value-Added) direct marketing system.

Craig is an author, his newest book is 16 Secrets to Raising Capital from Accredited Investors Under the JOBS Act , as well as publisher of the industry newsletter Direct Marketing Update.

He is also the President of InfoMat, a postal and email mailing list brokerage and management company.

Creative Direct Marketing Group Bio
Creative Direct Marketing Group, INC. (CDMG) is a full-service, direct response advertising and digital marketing agency with one goal in mind: increasing your response and profits through "accountable advertising.  For more than 30 years, we've helped turn entrepreneurial start-ups into large companies…and large companies into multibillion-dollar businesses.  Through 7 recessions, 2 inflationary periods, as well as times of economic prosperity, CDMG has consistently achieved breakthrough response rates for our clients.
Apr 2013

Anderson Crosby of Relecom, Inc. talks about reporting tools

anderson-crosby.jpgSLMA Radio interviews Anderson Crosby president of Relecom, Inc.   Host James Obermayer asks Anderson why he developed a reporting tool when so many are available within CRM and Marketing Automation programs.   Who uses the tool more, advertisers, agencies or publishers?  How easy is to use?  What is the cost?  What is the benefit of the benefit when using Relecom reporting?

More about Anderson Crosby, CEO, Relecom, Inc.:

With over 18 years of experience working with Fortune 500 marketing teams, Anderson has developed and managed direct and digital marketing strategies and programs.

Anderson is a recognized expert in Digital Marketing Metrics and an active speaker at trade show events on topics ranging from Digital Marketing Best Practices to Digital Marketing Metrics. His work has been featured in BrandWeek and Communications World, and his work has also won various industry awards including the DMA International ECHO Award, MarCom Creative Award, and the Web Marketing Association’s Website Award.

About Relecom:

Relecom provides digital marketing measurement services to advertisers, agencies, and publishers. Their online reporting system provides an independent, real-time view of your marketing activities throughout a variety of digital channels. Actionable information is provided to you in up to daily reports, allowing you to spend your marketing dollars wisely.

Overview video

Anderson has spoken at a variety of local and national events: •    San Diego AMA-  Metrics Matter: Moving Beyond the Click-Through Rate (May 2010) •    Orange County AMA •    Frost & Sullivan Marketing World Events •    Los Angeles Direct Marketing Association •    University of California Irvine •    California Poly •    Digital Media Center

Sep 2012

Why Marketing Automation needs Outbound Telemarketing

ddacosta_DMP.jpgThese two independent disciplines are becoming as interconnected as yin and yang.    One without the other, some would say, is almost unthinkable.  Outbound telemarketing can stand on its own, but can Marketing Automation? Debra da Costa of Direct Marketing Partners makes a case why outbound telemarketing is the lynchpin for marketing automation. Da Costa is an SLMA  “2010 20 Women to Watch” winner, and voted in 2010 as one of the SLMA’s 50 Most Influential People to Watch in Sales Lead Management. As the founder of Direct Marketing Partners she has guided her company towards serving B2B customers sales lead funnel management needs. In that pursuit, she has researched new approaches and spoken at industry organizations like the SLMA, to evangelize new lead management process developments.

  • Founder CEO of Direct Marketing Partners, a 20 year firm steeped in B2B prospect development and lead management services.
  • Speaker on the SLMA Radio program on the topic of "The Evolution of B2B Lead Qualification"
  • Competitive cyclist
  • Voted in 2010 as one of the “50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management.”
  • Named as one of SLMA’s 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management in 2011.”

About Direct Marketing Partners

Jun 2012

July 4: Best of SLMA Radio: Steve Gershik of SiriusDecisions

steve_gershik.jpgSteve Gershik. VP of Marketing – SiriusDecisions

The Topic: Social Media and the B-to-B Channel

Steve Gershik is vice president of marketing for SiriusDecisions, a b-to-b research and advisory firm for sales and marketing.  Steve brings more than 18 years of global B2B marketing experience to SiriusDecisions, including his roles as CEO of 28Marketing, a demand generation consulting company, and co-founding DemandCon, the demand generation conference. Previously, Steve was VP of Marketing at TOA Technologies and Eloqua, among other technology leadership roles.

He is on the Executive Council of the Marketing Automation Institute and has been named one of the Top 50 Leaders in Sales Lead Management by the SLMA and is also in demand as a frequent speaker at industry conferences and webinars.

May 2012

May 24: Andrew Clark of Right On Interactive - Life Cycle Marketing

andrew-clark-right-on-interactiveWill Crist, the host of SLMA Radio will discuss Right On Interactive’s favorite topic of “life cycle marketing.”    Crist asks for examples of how LCM engages prospects and how its patent pending technology works.  The company has a partnership with (who doesn’t) but we want to know how this is special and about the other companies that Right On Interactive works with.  And lastly we want to know Andrew Clark’s plans for growing Right on Interactive.

Andrew Clark  - Vice President, Business Development

Industry veteran Andrew Clark recently joined Right On Interactive as vice president, business development, responsible for corporate strategy, marketing and partnerships.

Clark has more than 15 years of experience with some of the most respected companies in marketing technology, including ExactTarget, Aprimo and Walker Information. He comes to Right On Interactive from ExactTarget, a global provider of on-demand email marketing and interactive marketing solutions that recently completed a successful IPO. Clark led the company’s strategic partnerships efforts.

“Andy is a terrific addition to the Right On Interactive team,” said Troy Burk, founder and CEO of Right On Interactive. “He has experience helping to build successful companies in the marketing automation and technology industry. As vice president of business development, he will drive Right On Interactive’s marketing efforts and will be instrumental in directing our product roadmap and growing strategic partnerships.” Clark earned his MBA from Butler University and his bachelor’s degree from Purdue University. He serves on the board of Speak Easy, an independent non-profit that offers early stage startup companies resources needed to grow and succeed. He also has been active with the National MS Society and the American Heart Association.

Right On Interactive Right On Interactive is a marketing automation company that helps organizations win, keep and grow customers. We do this through our lifecycle marketing solution that builds engagement throughout the lifecycle of every customer and prospect.  We believe in strategically engaging ideal prospects and customers and moving the right relationships forward – we help our client base of over 300 customers do the same.

Founded in 2006, ROI has since developed partnerships and integrations with along with other software solutions. ROI now boasts patent-pending customer lifecycle marketing technology in our cloud-based solution. Through the experiences of our leadership team and organization itself, we offer strong thought leadership on marketing automation, customer lifecycle marketing and email marketing.

Apr 2012

April 19: Seve Gershik, VP of Marketing Sirius Decisions - B-to-B Channel

steve_gershik.jpgSteve Gershik. VP of Marketing – SiriusDecisions

The Topic: Social Media and the B-to-B Channel

Steve Gershik is vice president of marketing for SiriusDecisions, a b-to-b research and advisory firm for sales and marketing.  Steve brings more than 18 years of global B2B marketing experience to SiriusDecisions, including his roles as CEO of 28Marketing, a demand generation consulting company, and co-founding DemandCon, the demand generation conference. Previously, Steve was VP of Marketing at TOA Technologies and Eloqua, among other technology leadership roles.

He is on the Executive Council of the Marketing Automation Institute and has been named one of the Top 50 Leaders in Sales Lead Management by the SLMA and is also in demand as a frequent speaker at industry conferences and webinars.

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