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Sep 2020

Overcoming the Resource Demand of Virtual Events

Victor Kippes CEO Validar is Susan's guest

Measuring and managing virtual events is every marketer’s challenge.  Sales are suffering as live event leads have dried up and pipelines are falling.  In this program, Victor Kippes of Validar discusses how to track and measure virtual event attendees, content consumed, demos attended, attendee behavior and consequent pipeline contributions and sales made.  Every marketer for virtual events should listen to this program. 

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Aug 2020

Virtual Trade Shows are Missing the Booth Barker

Scott Tokar, Trade Show Magician, CEO Corporate-Fx

Ever the optimist, Award-winning Magician, Scott Tokar, is looking forward to the irreplaceable trade shows he is a part of regularly. His corral of other performers know they can adjust and do online appearances, but nothing replaces the barker at a trade show driving people you never reached before to hear your message through entertainment.

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Sep 2017

Slick Salesforce Interactivity for Events and Your Sales Team


Host, Peter Gillett welcomes Elements, CEO, Ian Gotts. Some of the points they'll be covering include:

  • Tradeshow integration a must for speed of follow-up – working with salesforce Admins
  • Ease of producing QR codes for event registrations and fast check-in to get rid of paper lists and handwritten badges!
  • Will the universal badge idea ever happen?
  • Everyday content availability and auto-lead capture for the sales guys who won’t!

 You may also be interested in Peter's perspective here:

Why Should Sales People LOVE Tradeshows?

Innovations in Mobile Lead Capture

SLMA Radio Sponsor


Zuant is a new generation of mobile lead capture system. One you can use at every Tradeshow and Event, or even every day when you're on the road to present and send videos and literature to your customers. It looks great and eliminates the need for manually entering your leads later. Now that's smart.

Aug 2017

Innovations in Mobile Lead Capture

How Mobile Lead Capture is the Future for Better Qualified Leads from Events

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Oct 2013

Why doesn’t Exhibits Management care more about sales leads?

Host Jim Obermayer interviews Victor Kippes, CEO of Validar on the tough subject of the attitude of trade show managers about sales leads.  Do they really care?  Is their job just to show up and throw up (the exhibit of course) and then not care about the reason for the show?

About Victor Kippes

Victor Kippes is CEO of Validar Inc., a B2B lead management company that specializes in events. Much of Validar's value proposition is based upon Victor's experience as a receiver of leads. He has been in a sales role for over 20 years both as a direct contributor and as the leader of a large enterprise sales team. He is a recovering sales leader who understands very well the challenges marketing and sales leaders face specific to demand generation and lead management. If you are a marketing leader interested in understanding and articulating your true value, or a sales leader interested in improved conversions and pipeline growth, Validar and Victor are there for you.

About Validar

Validar provides B2B lead management solutions to large corporations and we specialize in events. If you are attending or producing an event / campaign with the primary purpose of driving new opportunities to your sales team, Validar can help.

Its solutions lower cost by driving relevant lead follow-up activity to sales and increase revenue by reducing lead decay from campaigns. They enable their customers to identify, categorize and track new opportunities, pipeline and actual revenue contribution from their marketing efforts.  Specialties: B2B lead management solutions for companies that attend or product events.

[email protected]





Oct 2013

Strategic Volunteering - When saying Yes is bad.

Cyndi Greenglass, Senior Vice President, Strategic Solutions for Diamond Marketing Solutions was interviewed by Susan Finch about strategic volunteering. Finch, as the founder of a national non-profit, Binky Patrol has been at both ends of this discussion. She and Cyndi were in line with their thoughts and recommendations about strategic volunteering.

In this show Susan asked Cyndi:
  1. What do you mean by “strategic volunteering”
  2. Is volunteering different than philanthropy?
  3. How much volunteering do you do?
  4. How much time does it take?
  5. What types of organizations?
  6. How did you decide where to volunteer?
  7. Why do you say that volunteering can be bad?
  8. Does this seem self serving?
  9. What is your advice on how to choose?
  10. Are you good at saying no?
Some of the take-aways included:
What advice do you have for other women to say no?
Have a personal plan - how does this opportunity/organization fit into your plan? If it does not - say, "No." At least say no until you figure it out.
What if you have 10% of your time allocated for volunteering and this new opportunity would add another 5-10%? You either need to pull back what you were already doing to make room for this new thing, or take a pass for now so that you don't do a shoddy job volunteering for either organization or project.

Can you leave us with 3 takeaways on how to become a strategic volunteer?
  1. Create volunteer activities. This is a great way to find good leadership candidates and use these opportunities for skill building and training
  2. Men tend to identify mentors at early age - in their career and at a personal level. This development use in a positive way volunteer contacts mentoring opportunities - networking, etc.
  3. Quickly identify if it is not a good fit get out fast. 
for the second year in a row.
Theirs will be a pre-conference intensive workshop. 

Part 1 (Saturday, 12 Oct, 10am to 12:30pm): Everything Data in Business, Government and Institutional Markets
with Cyndi W. Greenglass
Review how B2B databases are structured, and how to find the last crumb of useful information about customers and prospects, both internally and externally. Focus will be placed on internal data sources, compiled and response databases, as well as physical and digital sources of actionable data. You will learn specific steps for keeping your customer information fresh and clean.

Part 2 (Saturday, 12 Oct, 2:15pm to 4:30pm): Developing and Delivering Compelling Motivational Offers
with Ruth P. Stevens
This session will focus on offer development in B2B, providing key insights and examples of successful offer and creative in social media, mobile, and print communications. Case studies will illustrate excellent online and offline copy, design, and offer tests, and exercises will allow attendees to craft social media messaging that drive results. You will learn how to craft compelling offers at each stage of the buy cycle.

More about Cyndi Greenglass:

Cyndi is responsible for marketing and strategic solutions and manages our agency services team of data, analytics, creative, and digital professionals. With a strong track record in marketing, strategic planning, and database development, she helps our clients “market smarter” by providing strategic solutions. Prior to joining Diamond Marketing Solutions, Cyndi launched World Marketing Integrated Solutions, an integrated database and strategic marketing consulting firm. Her background includes 10 years in international business consulting with the U.S. Embassy and the U.S. Foreign Commercial Services.

Cyndi is a past president of the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing and past chair of the Direct Marketing Association Business-to-Business Council. She is a frequent presenter at major DM industry conferences and is an educator at several universities. Cyndi has twice been recognized among the Top 100 BTB Marketers by Crain’s BtoB magazine. 

Jun 2013

Mike Sorgani on Event Management


Exhibiting- It’s all about Leads! Forget branding, shows must create leads, leads and more leads.

Sometimes exhibit management forgets why they are going to exhibit.  Everything at the exhibit is meant to create interest; everything must contribute to a higher lead count than last year.  Why spend $50K or $500K on an exhibit and get the cheapest lead acquisition system which can contribute to the failure of the whole exhibit effort.  Mike Sorgani discusses the successes and failures that all revolve around that simple little lead acquisition device that is too often an afterthought.

Mike Sorgani has served as ITN International's Vice President, Sales & Marketing since 2006. During his tenure with the firm, ITN International's revenue has grown from $5 million to $7 million annually. Mike began his career in the event industry in 1976 and has occupied key positions at several registration and lead management firms, including Registration Control Systems, CompuSystems and Exgenex. During that time, he has seen registration and lead management technology evolve from mag stripe to Near Field Communication (short-range wireless), today's leading edge. Mike is a frequent speaker at industry events such as CEMA Summit, ESCA's annual meeting, EXHIBITOR and EXPO EXPO.

Oct 2012

Why Webinars fail and 10 never-fail ways to boost webinar results!

SLMA host Jim Obermayer will ask with Mark Alarik of Sales Overlays why most webinars fail the majority of the time.  In this brief program Mark will share with us 10 of his 24 secrets for a successful webinar program.

Mark Alarik will share how to quickly boost the effectiveness of any webinar. He’ll explain how you can transform your webinars, and any presentation, from boring and mediocre into one that is even more appealing and productive than tradeshows and other lead generation channels.

Mark is also offering his newest publication FOR FREE, entitled The 24 New Rules of Webinar Presentations – How to build a growing community of raving fans!

g-mark-alarik.jpgG. Mark Alarik

G. Mark Alarik is co-founder and president of Sales Overlays, a sales and marketing agency that has served Fortune 500 and smaller companies since 1975. Their primary business is developing problem solving marketing campaigns that fill the sales funnel with quality leads and grow the value of the customer base.  Mark is also a published author in many trade magazines.

In the next 40 minutes you will learn:

  • How to tap into the real potential of webinar marketing.
  • The Top Ten Rules that will impact your webinars the most
  • Why Steve Jobs was one of the greatest business presenters, and which two of his techniques will improve your webinars by 200%!

You can contact Mark at 847-942-7140 to get your free copy of his publication or to discuss your next webinar.

Mar 2012

March 29: Shawn Elledge Integrated Marketing Summit | DemandCon Talks About Event Marketing

scott-elledge.jpgScott Elledge will be talking about the importance of Event Marketing

After years of hosting marketing events for the Kansas City Business Marketing Association and being a quest speaker at various events around North America, I decided to launch an event series focused on Integrated Marketing Strategies. The Integrated Marketing Summit (IMS) is the premier event series dedicated to the continued education of advertising and marketing professionals.

Their goal is to help companies drive revenue rapidly in this ever complicated world of instant and global communication. Statistics prove that a integrated marketing solution will outperform a non integrated approach by as much as 800%. But with disparate technologies, data and lack of sales and marketing alignment this strategy often becomes a pipe dream.

IMS events invites recognized thought leaders in all aspects of marketing, advertising and sales from around the world to share best practices and life experiences with our audiences.

Whether you are a seasoned corporate marketer, advertising professional or sales executive, this event will help you become more efficient through automation and more effective through integration.

How to get the most out of your event marketing budget

  • Identify Pitfalls
  • Tips

How to Plan your own event

  • Timing, Agenda & Food & Beverage Tips
  • Speaker / Content Strategies including Workshops

Effective event marketing strategies

  • Email, Video, Social Media, PR, DM, PPC, Radio
  • Partner Program

In addition he will talk about his growing DemandCon conferences and the popularity of the DemandCon webinar programs.

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