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Jun 2017
Aug 2015

Marketing’s Role is to “Follow the Money”

Marketing departments spend from a few percent of yearly sales to 20% or more.  If marketing managers can't follow the money they aren't doing their job.  In our program this week with Paul Petersen, GM and Vice President of GoldMine Software we discuss ways that marketing management can make better decisions in lead generation and lead management by following the money.  This program is live, not scripted and the host is Jim Obermayer.  Mr. Petersen was a guest on SLMA Radio when he addressed the subject:  Why CRM is NOT a settled science!   It is one of the most listened to programs so far in 2015.

About Paul Petersen

Mr. Petersen is the general manager and vice president of the GoldMine business unit of HeatSoftware Inc. His career spans working with sales & marketing systems and process having developed, managed, and sold for companies including McDonald's Corp, General Electric , Symantec, Allied Van Lines and now has 16 years with CRM background at GoldMine.  Mr. Petersen holds a JD from Loyola University of Chicago and was one of the first to be awarded  the Professional Certified Marketer designation by the American Marketing Association.

About GoldMine

Headquartered in Milpitas, CA., USA, GoldMine is a division of FrontRange Solutions. GoldMine is a leading provider of mobile relationship management solutions for small businesses worldwide. Over 1 million users have selected GoldMine to help them manage over 1 billion relationships. GoldMine has been selected by businesses in more than 80 verticals and 45 countries to grow their businesses and build enduring relationships.


Commercial sponsors on SLMA Radio include: The Young CompanyThe Vanella Group and Vanilla Soft.

Sep 2014

Is traditional direct marketing dead?

Craig Huey, in this week's show, tackles a tough subject when he answers the question, Is Traditional Direct Marketing Dead?  Of course, he says it isn't, and with good reason, but the naysayers are out there.  Huey says direct marketing is stronger than ever and is more accountable than most programs.  Hear what he has to say and learn why direct is more direct and profitable than ever in this interview with SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer.

Craig Huey: The Authority on accountable advertising 
Craig Huey, the President of Creative Direct Marketing Group, is recognized as one of the world's leading experts in direct response marketing. He is the winner of 78 major marketing awards for break-through campaigns for multimillion-dollar sales.

Craig works with small companies and major corporations. His campaigns have targeted municipal areas to international markets. Working with over 1,000 companies, Craig has helped successful companies become more successful, and troubled companies to recover.

Articles by and about Craig Huey have appeared in Inc., DM News, Direct Marketing, Target Marketing, Christianity Today, and Adweek.

He is also the creator of the V.I.V.A.™ (Valuable Information, Value-Added) direct marketing system.

Craig is an author, his newest book is 16 Secrets to Raising Capital from Accredited Investors Under the JOBS Act , as well as publisher of the industry newsletter Direct Marketing Update.

He is also the President of InfoMat, a postal and email mailing list brokerage and management company.

Creative Direct Marketing Group Bio
Creative Direct Marketing Group, INC. (CDMG) is a full-service, direct response advertising and digital marketing agency with one goal in mind: increasing your response and profits through "accountable advertising.  For more than 30 years, we've helped turn entrepreneurial start-ups into large companies…and large companies into multibillion-dollar businesses.  Through 7 recessions, 2 inflationary periods, as well as times of economic prosperity, CDMG has consistently achieved breakthrough response rates for our clients.
Jun 2014

How to ID Your Best Prospects out of the Primordial Slop

Host Jim Obermayer discusses with Tony Tissot, director of Marketing at eTrigue,  how to extract the most qualified prospects from the masses of inquiries that most companies create.  When salespeople are surveyed they always say, “ I want more leads.”    Three months later they say, ”You misunderstood me, I want more qualified leads.”  Tony is going to share how this is done. 


About Tony Tissot

Tony Tissot has been an advocate of marketing automation capabilities since before the term was coined, while running marketing and corpcom for a $2B division of a Global 50 company and later, two successful technology start-ups.  Tony Tissot is currently Sr. Director of Marketing at eTrigue, a pioneer in marketing automation. twitter @tonytissot

About eTrigue

eTrigue provides easy-to-use Marketing Automation solutions to help you identify hot leads and close more sales. eTrigue DemandCenter marketing automation creates, executes and tracks powerful multi-channel demand generation campaigns, email marketing campaigns, and online activities with real-time lead alerts, automated lead scoring and reporting, and search-based profiling without requiring dedicated staff or IT integration.
  • Target and nurture your best prospects easier
  • Align Sales and Marketing to drive revenue faster
  • Improve ROI and accountability with measurable results
 eTrigue helps generate and qualify sales leads, shorten sales cycles, and increase revenue. In addition, eTrigue’s advanced analytics give marketers the tools they need to measure results and demonstrate true ROI.
Software-as-a-service, eTrigue DemandCenter Intelligent Demand Generation solutions combine sophistication with ease of use. No dedicated resources are required to run eTrigue marketing automation or to make changes to achieve a better fit with your marketing and sales process. And because we understand the inherent value of volume in sales, our flat-fee pricing allows for an unlimited number of company users with unlimited campaign frequency and customer activity—promoting, not penalizing, your company’s growth and success.
Successfully enabling customer demand generation programs for 25 years, eTrigue was initially developed by one of Silicon Valley’s leading marketing and demand generation agencies. Inspired by the difficulty of running demand generation programs for startups and for multinational clients within the constraints and limitations of cumbersome, or feature-light applications, the eTrigue marketing automation and sales acceleration solutions were developed to fill a need for a better demand generation solution.
The eTrigue DemandCenter automated marketing solution has been such a success that demand outgrew the high-tech agency. With years of development completed, over 3,000 successful demand generation programs launched, and a strong customer base growing more than 100% per year, eTrigue Corporation was officially launched.
When it’s time for your sales to take flight, contact eTrigue Corporation at 800.858.8500.
May 2013

How to develop leads that will close.

Host Jim Obermayer and his guest Tom Judge tackle the thorny issue of not just how to create inquiries and leads, but leads that actually close. As Vice President of Direct Marketing Partners, Tom has solved this problem with some of the largest high-tech companies in business to business; and also some of the most modest in size. Leads that close is a problem for all companies regardless of size. tomjudge.jpg

About  Tom Judge Tom Judge is the VP of Strategy and Business Development at Direct Marketing Partners. An ECHO award winning B2B Demand Generation and Lead Management services provider. He’s responsible for diagnosing and fixing B2B sales lead funnel problems. Tom also   on the board of the Northern California DMA, runs the NorCal BMA Sales Lead Roundtable, and teaches workshops on Lead Management best practices at events and conferences. He is a member of the Sales Lead Management Association’s list of “50 Most Influential Sales Lead Management Professionals”.
Contact info: Tom Judge VP Strategy Direct Marketing Partners, Inc. [email protected] 510-368-7527 
About Direct Marketing Partners: Direct Marketing Partners (DMP), is a prospect development demand generation service provider for B2B selling firms with a complex sales process. DMP provides a suite of services and software tools in three major areas so client firms can focus on sales –ready lead pipelines.

  1. Diagnosing lead-to-sales funnel problems.
  2. Solving those with custom go-to-market programs. Ranging from prospect database building, inbound lead qualification and nurturing, outbound target account lead generation tele-prospecting and appointment setting.
  3. Campaign management, lead management and analytics.

Jan 2013

January 24: Sales Funnel Mistakes that affect growth.


Join host, Jim Obermayer as he talks to Al Davidson about the four biggest mistakes people make in managing their sales funnel.

Many sales people are familiar with the concept of the "sales funnel," with the idea that every sale starts with a large pool of prospects, which are eventually narrowed down by the various steps of the sales process (qualification, presentations, proposals, etc.) leading to a much smaller number of customers who actually decide to buy and close the deal.

A big part of success in managing sales leads is developing a better way to understand and manage your company's sales funnel. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes that small business leaders tend to make in managing their sales funnels – and ideas on how you can get better results.

About Al Davidson:

Al Davidson is the President and owner of Strategic Sales & Marketing (SSM), which he founded in 1989. Under Al's direction SSM has designed and implemented new business development plans and programs for thousands of B2B companies nationwide. Since their inception SSM's calling center has completed over 50 million new business sales presentations to high level decision makers and generated over 7 million sales leads. As a result, SSM has developed major account development expertise in the high technology, manufacturing and business service sectors. In addition Al Davidson has 25 years experience in business-to-business (B2B) direct marketing, new business development consulting, sales force management, lead management, sales training, and B2B web marketing. SSM also powers the Connecticut Technology Council's Lead Generation Resource Center (LGRC). The mission of the LGRC is to provide advisory services to CTC members in the following areas; identifying new business opportunities; searching out and qualifying customer prospects and business partners; design, production and implementation of marketing programs and strategies.

A bit about Strategic Sales & Marketing, Inc.

Strategic Sales and Marketing (SSM) is a lead generation company specializing in B2B lead generation, appointment setting and managing sales leads for major accounts in multiple industry sectors. Founded in 1989 by Al Davidson, Strategic Sales and Marketing is widely recognized as one of the “leading lights” of the lead generation industry.

Highlights of their lead generation programs include:

  • Completed over 50 million new business sales presentations for our clients.
  • Al Davidson, founder and president, has been nominated by the Sales Lead Management Association as one of the 50 Most Influential leaders in the industry.
  • Generated over 7 million sales leads for our clients.
  • Created millions of dollars in new revenue for our clients.

Strategic Sales and Marketing clients range from small local businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

May 2012

May 24: Andrew Clark of Right On Interactive - Life Cycle Marketing

andrew-clark-right-on-interactiveWill Crist, the host of SLMA Radio will discuss Right On Interactive’s favorite topic of “life cycle marketing.”    Crist asks for examples of how LCM engages prospects and how its patent pending technology works.  The company has a partnership with (who doesn’t) but we want to know how this is special and about the other companies that Right On Interactive works with.  And lastly we want to know Andrew Clark’s plans for growing Right on Interactive.

Andrew Clark  - Vice President, Business Development

Industry veteran Andrew Clark recently joined Right On Interactive as vice president, business development, responsible for corporate strategy, marketing and partnerships.

Clark has more than 15 years of experience with some of the most respected companies in marketing technology, including ExactTarget, Aprimo and Walker Information. He comes to Right On Interactive from ExactTarget, a global provider of on-demand email marketing and interactive marketing solutions that recently completed a successful IPO. Clark led the company’s strategic partnerships efforts.

“Andy is a terrific addition to the Right On Interactive team,” said Troy Burk, founder and CEO of Right On Interactive. “He has experience helping to build successful companies in the marketing automation and technology industry. As vice president of business development, he will drive Right On Interactive’s marketing efforts and will be instrumental in directing our product roadmap and growing strategic partnerships.” Clark earned his MBA from Butler University and his bachelor’s degree from Purdue University. He serves on the board of Speak Easy, an independent non-profit that offers early stage startup companies resources needed to grow and succeed. He also has been active with the National MS Society and the American Heart Association.

Right On Interactive Right On Interactive is a marketing automation company that helps organizations win, keep and grow customers. We do this through our lifecycle marketing solution that builds engagement throughout the lifecycle of every customer and prospect.  We believe in strategically engaging ideal prospects and customers and moving the right relationships forward – we help our client base of over 300 customers do the same.

Founded in 2006, ROI has since developed partnerships and integrations with along with other software solutions. ROI now boasts patent-pending customer lifecycle marketing technology in our cloud-based solution. Through the experiences of our leadership team and organization itself, we offer strong thought leadership on marketing automation, customer lifecycle marketing and email marketing.

Mar 2012

March 22: Terry Booton, Advanced Marketing Instruction and Jim Obermayer of the SLMA

terry-botton.jpgTerry Booton , President Advanced Marketing Instruction "The Sales Performance and Employee Fine Tuning Company"

Terry talks about how to improve employee productivity and performance, especially sales representatives.  We’ll ask Terry about his claim that Advanced Marketing Instruction can make a major impact on shortening a company’s sales cycle and improve their close rate! Author:  "Cracking New Accounts" "Selling to the Top Decision Maker"

Specializing in:  Sales and marketing strategies, sales training, coaching and mentoring, keynote presentations, mediation, strategic employee hiring and development processes including state of the art pre-hire screening and employee development assessment tools.

Terry Booton has spent over forty years in sales, marketing, and management.  He spent four and one half years with the JC Penney Company in management and eighteen years with IBM.

He is currently the president of his own company, Advanced Marketing Instruction, The Sales Performance and Employee Fine Tuning Company, which specializes in sales and marketing strategies, sales training, coaching and mentoring, and state of the art strategic employee hiring and strategic workforce development tools.

His consulting experience is international and spans all sizes of clients from small enterprises to the Fortune 500.   He has authored two books, “Cracking New Accounts” and “Calling on the Top Decision Maker” and has been featured in many publications.

James W. Obermayer, Sales Lead Management Association Obermayer will discuss with Will Crist the host the subject of “Whose sales funnel is it anyway?”

CEO and Executive Director of the Sales Lead Management Association.  Principle of Sales Leakage Consulting.

James W. Obermayer is an author (four books) and speaker on subjects of sales lead management, sales enablement and marketing ROI.  He is the founder and of the world-wide 4500 member Sales Lead Management Association, which also has a Linkedin Group of 2670 members.  The SLMA is the sponsor of the yearly Sales Lead Management Week, the annual contest for the 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management, and the nomination and naming of the 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management.  The SLMA also hosts the weekly C-level interview program; SLMA Radio.  He is a frequent speaker for corporations and also national and regional conferences.

Obermayer is also the principal of Sales Leakage Consulting, Inc., an Orange County, CA., marketing and sales interim management consulting firm.  He has written more than 95 articles on sales and marketing management.

Feb 2012

Feb 23: Focus on Funnel Management with Paul Mosenson and Frank Donny

Interviews will be with Paul Mosenson President of NuSpark Marketing and Frank Donny, President of Marseli.

The focus will be on sales funnel management.

Paul handles top-to-middle of the funnel and Frank handles  mid-to-bottom.  They have  aligned marketing and sales functions to increase the sales at their clients by managing the sales funnel.

Some of the questions Will Crist the host will ask:

1. Explain the concept of funnel optimization? 2. What are the keys to obtaining, converting, and nurturing quality leads via the funnel? 3. What is your approach to pipeline management? 4. How do you approach lead nurturing? 5. You mention the Power of 5s in your material regarding pipeline metrics, how does that work? 6. What are the goals of your app that measures pipeline? 7. Terms such as lead Generation, Demand Generation, and Inbound Marketing seem similar, what are the differences?

Paul Mosenson of NuSparkPaul Mosenson Founder and President, NuSpark Marketing

Paul is a seasoned marketing vet of 25 years. Experienced in b2b marketing as well as consumer marketing.    As Media Director at a full-service ad agency, Paul managed large media and marketing budgets. In addition to his comprehensive media experience, he is also adept at social media and offers his services for training, implementation, and measurement. Further, he is an expert on analytics and media measurement.

For more than 20 years, Paul has been building strategic, comprehensive multi-media marketing campaigns that get results. He possesses a unique expertise in traditional, interactive, and social media. In the last few years, Paul has become a national thought leader on lead generation and content marketing. His vast and versatile marketing experience spans the fields of healthcare, financial services, business-to-business, economic development, technology, retail, state-funded programs, automotive, and tourism.

NuSpark Marketing is the firm Paul founded in early 2010. We give your marketing a “new spark” by implementing a new approach to lead management. Lead management is the process of putting together sound strategies that generate quality website visitors that convert into leads via engaging websites and landing pages, and then convert into sales via lead nurturing platforms called marketing automation.

Frank Donny of MarseliFrank Donny - President and Chief of Marseli

Frank's remarkable 25-year career of driving marketing and sales operations divisions within Fortune 500 and start-up organizations is highlighted by his passion for business development and empowering others to succeed.

Frank is a recognized thought leader in the areas of sales performance, demand generation, pipeline management and sales and marketing integration.  He has been a featured guest speaker on Selling Power TV (, WRMR Revenue Marketing Radio and is the author of Sales and Marketing Integration- How You Can Increase the Close Rates of Your Early-Stage Pipeline Opportunities and Your CRM or Your Salespeople? Understanding CRM Performance Beyond Just Features and Functionality.

Prior to founding Marseli, Frank served as SVP of Demand Generation for Richardson, a global leader in sales performance improvement.  Frank contributed to the areas of product management, lead generation, pipeline management, sales operations and further supports the alignment of Richardson’s Sales and Marketing departments.  In addition, Frank provided senior-level counsel to Richardson clients who required pipeline and territory management strategy, sales/marketing integration and sales process improvement services.

Frank has a BS in Marketing from Marquette University and an MBA from Western Illinois.  He hails from the great State of Wisconsin and is proud to be called a Cheesehead.

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