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Jan 2021

Our Special Sauce is What Makes Us Valuable

Ledge part 2 with Susan Finch on Sales Lead Management Radio

In this episode with Ledge, we talk about taking our secret sauce for granted. To many of us, what we do is a no-brainer, but to most others, it is not. It's awesome, inspiring, valuable. He explains the four values that everything does checks back to these four focus items Revenue, Integrity, Calm Confidence, Shared Abundance. When our success fades, or explodes, we can usually attribute it to how far we have or haven't strayed from the core values and concepts.

Listen to this conversation. You'll have homework. That's good. It means you have valuable takeaways. If you missed the first episode with Ledge, you can listen here.

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Jan 2021

It’s Not a Hobby, It’s a Revenue Source - Stop Playing House.


Passion is not enough. As a revenue generator - deal closer service provider, Ledge tells us he doesn't need to be passionate about what you do. He needs to be passionate about closing deals for you and generating revenue for you. Then you will be able to channel more of the passion you have for your business. (20:31) "...sometimes folks will try to negotiate and say, well, if you're really passionate about it and you want to be involved in this, maybe you can cut your rates. And no, I'm not at all ... I'm passionate at the price I just quoted you because I'm going to make you millions of dollars. And that's what I'm passionate about. We build revenue machines. The end." Join us for part 1 of a 3 part series. Take notes!

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