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Sep 2020

13 Lessons as an Interim Sales Manager


Most "interim sales managers" are hired in times of stress.   These sales consultants are expected to swiftly “right-the-ship.”  During this podcast, James Obermayer, who successfully increased sales, reshaped marketing departments, created SWOTs and Sales and Marketing Plans, for more than 50 high tech clients shares the 13 lessons he learned while at Sales Leakage Consulting. This session is for sales consultants and interim sales and marketing managers (Interim CMO's are also welcome).

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Aug 2020

Without a Sales Engagement Platform CRM is Just a Database

Darryl Praill, CRO VanillaSoft on SLMA Radio

Most sales managers believe that a CRM system is all they need to manage prospect leads.  Sales engagement software, however, solves the salesperson’s human failings that hamper sales success.  Sales and Marketing managers should listen to this program.

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Aug 2020

CMO Vacancy? Fill it With an Interim CMO Without Losing Momentum


CMO slots cannot be vacant, even for a few weeks.  Learn how to keep up your momentum with a fractional/interim CMO which will gain momentum for you, not lose it.  This program is for the C-Suite executive that has an open spot for a CMO. 

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Feb 2020

Six Questions to ask Yourself Before you Start a Podcast


In this program, veteran Internet Radio Producer and Podcaster Paul Roberts and Jim Obermayer discuss the six questions you have to ask yourself before starting a podcast.   Obermayer the chief podcast producer on the Funnel Radio Channel reviews the latest statistics on podcasting and answers the six questions that must be asked before starting a podcast. 

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