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Dec 2016

Marketing Enablement? Buzz Words or Facing Reality In a Changing Marketing Environment?

Marketing Enablement appears to be a recent twist on sales enablement discussions. Sirius Decisions, Seismic Solutions and others have written about the subject and there is mounting evidence that marketing must first address its own issue of marketing enablement before offering solutions to sales enablement.  In our interview with week, Larry Caretsky, CEO of Commence Corporation offers his opinion on the state of Marketing Enablement. The host is Jim Obermayer.

Caretsky offered his Predictions for 2017 on the SLM Blog and was recently interviewed on CRM Radio Sales Enablement: Clearing up the confusion.  November 8, 2016.

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Jun 2016

How to use Marketing Automation to Follow a Longer B2B Sales Cycle

Long Sales Cycles are difficult enough for salespeople to keep top of mind, much less gearing up a marketing automation program to do it for you. Too many marketers are so short of content that the longer the sales cycle the more likely that the content and communications may be lacking in specificity for each prospects need.  During this live program, Fred Yee, CEO and founder of ActiveConversion discusses how to use the “smarts” in marketing automation to your advantage for long sales cycles. The host is Jim Obermayer.


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Mar 2016

What to Consider in Choosing a DAM system to Avoid Costly Mistakes


Whether it is your first venture into installing a digital asset management system (DAM) or you are into your second or third generation installation, there are specific things to look for to avoid costly mistakes. In this interview with North Plains executives Mohan Taylor and Mike Verrell, they discuss with host Jim Obermayer what to consider when installing a DAM System. 

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Jan 2016

How to Implement Sales Lead Automation

What is sales lead automation? Of course there is marketing automation and sales force automation, but sales lead automation? In this interview Gabe Buck, CEO and Founder of ClickPoint Software describes what sales lead automation is and what it can do to deliver more “A” quality leads. Mr. Buck will discuss approach that simultaneously delivers leads to field sales teams, call centers, franchisees, and lead buyers. He'll talk about how proper lead filtering can increase lead quality and delete up to 27% of the leads that are “bad.”

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Nov 2015

Why Only 13% of Marketing Automation Programs are Successful

It's one thing to buy a marketing automation tool and install it. Its quite another thing to use it every day to manage and nurture, your most precious asset: sales leads. And yet some would say that this leading edge technology could be aptly named bleeding edge because of the effort it extracts from the users to make it work. In the interview with Justin Gray, CEO of LeadMD we discuss how to avoid being part of the 87% of marketing automation users who fail. The host this week is Susan Finch

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Aug 2015

How Artificial Intelligence, Applied to Lead Management Finds Hot Leads


Can Artificial Intelligence Find your Next Customer?

If salespeople don’t pursue leads, and the run-of-the-mill marketing automation system is mediocre in pursuit (but better than reps) and the average CRM system tracks but doesn’t qualify, some people say the answer is applying artificial intelligence (AI) to the issue.  AI is said to be different from autoresponders in that the system interprets intention and sentiment, avoids lost leads, and helps to surface those that intend to buy.  In the interview Alex Terry, CEO of Conversica and Carl Landers, Senior VP and CMO at Conversica help clear away the mysteries of AI and its application to sales lead management qualification.  About time.

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May 2015

Can Marketing Automation Build Your Business?

Join us May 14 for this episode of SLMA Radio. Yep, we've heard all the promises of marketing automation: follow-up, nurturing, customizing response, qualifying leads, etc., etc., but the real question is, can it build your business? Can it increase revenue and is its contribution measurable? SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer clears away the hype and discusses the bottom line potential with marketing automation pioneer Lars Helgeson, CEO of GreenRope.

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Apr 2015

Is Marketing Automation Inadvertently Becoming the New ERP?

Guest Dan Arra, VP of Sales & Service at Alto Cloud has a unique perspective in that he discusses with the host Jim Obermayer how marketing automation could be slipping into a rigid process that resembles an ERP solution, which is not necessarily good for the customer or the salesperson. He discusses how machine learning, when added to marketing automation can push personalized communications in real time to address a customer’s immediate interest. 

About Dan Arra, VP Sales & Service

A Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Dan Arra has over twenty-five years of experience in the software industry holding various positions in sales, engineering, senior management, and product management. Most recently, Dan was the Managing Director of Macadamian, a software design and development studio with deep expertise in the telecommunications and enterprise networking industries.

A founding/co-founding member of four successful technology companies, Dan played a key role assisting two companies going public on the NASDAQ. He co-founded SCS America, which became Brightstar Information Technology Group, and aggressively grew the company to over $30M in a short five-year period. While at BrightStar, Dan’s responsibilities included worldwide sales, consulting operations as well as taking the company public on the NASDAQ. BrightStar was an e-business professional services consultancy with annual revenues over $100M with 450 employees throughout locations in the US and Australia.
An early investor and employee of Young Design Inc. (YDI), which went public on the NASDAQ, Dan was a leader in sales and business development. YDI subsequently acquired wireless networking and services companies including Terabeam, Proxim Wireless, Ricochet Networks, and others. Dan founded Gatespeed Broadband, a wireless Internet service provider and successfully sold the company and also co-founded Blackstone Solutions, a software and services company delivering program management software solutions to enterprise customers.

Dan majored in Electrical Engineering at the University of Southern California and has been an IEEE member since 1987.

About Altocloud

Smarter Interactions with your Online Customers and Prospects

Altocloud is a cloud platform that combines predictive analytics with voice, video, and chat interactions to identify the right website and mobile visitors and best moments for communications.  We help convert shoppers into buyers for eCommerce, connect web and mobile visitors with Inside Sales people in real-time, and streamline Customer Support experiences.  Altocloud helps businesses efficiently grow revenue, saving time and money while making customers happy.

Altocloud is based in Silicon Valley and Galway Ireland and is led by CEO Barry O'Sullivan (Bio), formerly a senior executive at Cisco and Nortel where he led multi-billion dollar businesses, including Cisco'sVoIP, Collaboration, Contact Center and WebEx businesses.

Altocloud was founded in 2013 by Dan Arra, Joe Smyth and Barry O'Sullivan and had its launch out of stealth mode in March 2014 at  Enterprise Connect, the leading enterprise communications industry event (see News).
Jan 2015

Marketing Automation: Quick Wins in 30 Days

Marketing Automation has promise, no doubt about it, but how do you turn promise into measurable wins that can be shown to management and sales? In this week’s SLMA Radio program, Justin Gray, CEO of LeadMD gives us a roadmap to get quick wins in 30 days for new marketing automation installations. The host for this program is Jim Obermayer.


Justin Gray, CEO & Chief Marketing Evangelist

You might know Justin from the incredible amounts of quality best practices content LeadMD churns out on a monthly basis.  You might say he drank the content marketing Kool-aid.  You might also say he spiked it with Everclear and slept behind a Walgreens last night. Justin founded LeadMD with the vision of being a little different, the dream of igniting a fire around marketing, fueled by “doing”.  The result is a true Marketing-as-a-Service offering, which has become the benchmark of excellence and a Preferred Service Partner for both Marketo and Mr. Gray has emerged as a strong voice for demand generation, value-based marketing and conversational best practices. As a recognized speaker, Justin has been published over 250 times in industry publications. Meanwhile, his Blog, The Marketing Evangelist is one of the top marketing blogs in the marketing automation the space.
Company Twitter: @myleadmd
Personal Twitter: @jgraymatter

About LeadMD

LeadMD is a full-service marketing and sales consulting firm specializing in conversational marketing and revenue performance management. With deep expertise in Marketo, and respective integration, LeadMD helps businesses make sense out of marketing automation and increase revenue by developing, streamlining, and maximizing any lead generation program. For more information, visit &
Sep 2014

Rosen on Convergence Marketing and the Expectations of Generation Z

From the Sales 2.0 Conference, SLMA Radio host interviews Richard Rosen of Rosen Convergence (the branding/direct/digital agency).  Richard tells us his interpretation of Generation Z and their mantra of “I want to make a difference and I expect you to do the same.”

About Richard G. Rosen CEO
Richard G. Rosen - Rosen Convergence Marketing

Richard is the originator and chief architect of Convergence Marketing. As a world-renowned marketing consultant of Convergence, Richard fuses business school analytics with creative marketing and advertising to achieve unprecedented results.

His book, Convergence Marketing: Combining Brand and Direct for Unprecedented Profits, (Wiley & Sons), is an entertaining “how to” tool for every professional in the business of marketing.

As a passionate speaker, Richard presents keynotes and seminars at business and academic forums around the world. They include Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, the ERA European Conference, the International DMA Conference and more.

Richard is an active member of the Clinton Global Initiative which creates and implements innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. He also holds an Executive Education Certificate in Strategic CSR from Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business & Management taught by former Patagonia CEO, Michael Crooke, Ph.D.

His awards include a Telly, the Caples Organization’s Emerson Award for exemplary service to the marketing community, and the first “B-to-B Marketer of the Year Award” by the International Direct Marketing Association. He’s earned 28 International Echo Awards, received recognition from experts at Harvard, UC Berkeley and DePaul University and has been featured in numerous publications.
About Rosen Convergence
ROSEN’s approach to business is guided by our commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative, our status as a B Corporation and a Gold Sustainability at Work Certified Business issued by the City of Portland.  ROSEN is also a proud member of the following organizations:
Sep 2014

Is traditional direct marketing dead?

Craig Huey, in this week's show, tackles a tough subject when he answers the question, Is Traditional Direct Marketing Dead?  Of course, he says it isn't, and with good reason, but the naysayers are out there.  Huey says direct marketing is stronger than ever and is more accountable than most programs.  Hear what he has to say and learn why direct is more direct and profitable than ever in this interview with SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer.

Craig Huey: The Authority on accountable advertising 
Craig Huey, the President of Creative Direct Marketing Group, is recognized as one of the world's leading experts in direct response marketing. He is the winner of 78 major marketing awards for break-through campaigns for multimillion-dollar sales.

Craig works with small companies and major corporations. His campaigns have targeted municipal areas to international markets. Working with over 1,000 companies, Craig has helped successful companies become more successful, and troubled companies to recover.

Articles by and about Craig Huey have appeared in Inc., DM News, Direct Marketing, Target Marketing, Christianity Today, and Adweek.

He is also the creator of the V.I.V.A.™ (Valuable Information, Value-Added) direct marketing system.

Craig is an author, his newest book is 16 Secrets to Raising Capital from Accredited Investors Under the JOBS Act , as well as publisher of the industry newsletter Direct Marketing Update.

He is also the President of InfoMat, a postal and email mailing list brokerage and management company.

Creative Direct Marketing Group Bio
Creative Direct Marketing Group, INC. (CDMG) is a full-service, direct response advertising and digital marketing agency with one goal in mind: increasing your response and profits through "accountable advertising.  For more than 30 years, we've helped turn entrepreneurial start-ups into large companies…and large companies into multibillion-dollar businesses.  Through 7 recessions, 2 inflationary periods, as well as times of economic prosperity, CDMG has consistently achieved breakthrough response rates for our clients.
Jul 2014

Why VOCUS is a serious challenger to Eloqua!

You Mon Tsang joins Jim Obermayer to discuss why Vocus is a serious challenge to Eloqua’s positon in the marketing automation space.  When Obermayer approached Vocus about the interview, their response is that they take exception to our title as Vocus representatives feel that they, and not Eloqua, is the leader in the marketing automation space. We’ll find out the scoop when we interview Mr. Tsang. After all, their site says that they have more than 16,000 annual subscription customers across a wide variety of industries that use Vocus software. 
About: You Mon Tsang  CEO, Vocus Marketing Suite business line
Before assuming his current role leading Vocus’ Marketing Suite business line, Mr. Tsang held positions as CMO and senior vice president of product at Vocus. Prior to Vocus, he was CEO of Engine140, a company Vocus acquired and subsequently integrated into its product portfolio. A serial entrepreneur, Tsang also founded and was CEO of Biz360, a market intelligence company that helped Fortune 500 companies compile and analyze media content. He founded Boxxet, a consumer content aggregation engine with 4 million unique visitors a month, as well as Milktruck LLC, an Internet pioneer in offline browsing and “push” software.
Mr. Tsang holds a Bachelor of Arts in urban studies from Yale University and an MBA from the Walter A. Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley
About Vocus:
Vocus provides leading cloud-based public relations and marketing software that enables companies to acquire and retain customers. The company offers products and services to help clients attract and engage prospects, nurture and convert customers, and measure and improve marketing effectiveness. More than 16,000 annual subscription customers across a wide variety of industries use Vocus software. The company is headquartered in Beltsville, MD with offices in North America, Europe and Asia.  
Jul 2014

Is Marketing Automation Right for Every Company?

Howard Sewell has opinions, driven by expertise And experience, that few have.  Jim Obermayer, SLMA Radio host will interview Howard and discuss the criteria for a company considering implementing a marketing automation system. It isn’t for everyone but everyone should know why or why not it makes sense for them. You’ll learn:
  • What are the key criteria that make a company an ideal candidate for marketing automation?
  • How should a company prepare to make sure they get the most from marketing automation?
  • Where do companies fall short with marketing automation?  What are the pitfalls to avoid?
  • Realistically, what are the necessary resources a company needs to be successful with marketing automation?
  • What’s the best way to choose a marketing automation solution? What should companies look for?
Jim Obermayer will address these questions with Howard Sewell, President of Spear Marketing Group

Howard has more than 20 years’ experience in high-tech sales and marketing.  He started his marketing career at software giant Oracle Corporation, before leaving to start his own direct marketing agency, CDI, growing the firm to be one of the nation’s top B2B agencies.  Howard authors Spear’s blog (, where he writes on demand generation, lead nurturing, and marketing technology.  For the last 3 years running, Howard has been named one of the “50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management” by the SLMA.

Company Bio

Spear Marketing Group ( is a full-service demand generation agency that helps B2B high-technology companies generate, nurture, and convert leads to revenue.  Spear’s unique, holistic approach to demand generation blends strategic expertise, creative flair, and a deep understanding of marketing technology to achieve measurable results across every stage of the lead lifecycle. The firm serves high-tech clients nationwide from its offices in Silicon Valley and Seattle, WA.  

Connect with him on Twitter: @hjsewell and LinkedIn: /hjsewell
Jul 2014

How to stop wasting marketing dollars on non-revenue tactics

Michelle Jacobs and Matt Hertig of Alight Analytics discuss how multi-channel marketing analytics can help companies be more efficient with every marketing dollar. Marketing management today has pressure to spend money on things that work and leave the rest for their competitors. Michelle and Matt share how they use ChannelMix Big Data Warehouse to increase sales online and offline for their customers.

About Michelle Jacobs, Co-Founder, Alight Analytics
Michelle Jacobs is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Alight Analytics, and continues to lead and develop their marketing analytics and measurement practice. Her passion for delivering insightful, actionable marketing analytics is a key pillar of the company's success. She is responsible for helping clients like Helzberg Diamonds, AMC Theatres and Hill's Pet Nutrition maximize their digital marketing efforts through intelligent use of multi-channel analytics. Before Alight Analytics, Michelle directed Web analytics, marketing and advertising strategies for companies such as H&R Block, American Century Investments, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Toyota.

About Matt Hertig, Co-Founder, Alight Analytics
Matt Hertig is the Co-Founder of Alight Analytics, an independent marketing analytics firm based in Kansas City, Missouri. Under his leadership, Alight has developed an industry-leading marketing analytics platform, ChannelMix, which has established Alight Analytics at the cutting edge of multi-channel marketing analytics.  Prior to founding Alight Analytics, Matt built an extensive background in CRM, database marketing, web strategy and business intelligence by serving as an executive leading multi-million dollar database marketing systems and multi-channel web strategies at companies such as AMC Theatres, American Century Investments and Payless ShoeSource.

About Alight Analytics
Alight Analytics delivers global marketers powerful, actionable marketing analytics. As a pioneer in the space, Alight has been offering its holistic analytics platform and services since 2007. With a talented team of dedicated experts, a proven process, and the industry’s best platform, Alight reveals omni-channel insights to enable marketers to optimize all their marketing channels. These insights significantly increase marketing ROI across their entire marketing portfolio – both online and offline. As the only marketing analytics firm to provide a full-service solution, Alight integrates its clients’ own marketing data in its cloud-based ChannelMix Big Data warehouse, builds custom dashboards, delivers regular, proactive insights and creates powerful attribution and predictive models to ensure future success.Alight Analytics was named the 2014 Best Business Analytics Solution Provider by Innovation Enterprise, a 2014 25 Under 25® award winner by Thinking Bigger Business and Alight’s Co-Founder, Michelle Jacobs, was named one of Ingram’s 2014 40 Under Forty honorees. Alight Analytics is a Google Analytics Certified Partner, a Google Analytics Authorized Premium Reseller, a MarketLive Integrated Partner, an Amazon Web Services APN Consulting Partner, a Tableau Software Technology Partner and part of the SAP HANA Startup Program.
Feb 2014

CMO Salaries and Integrated Marketing Summit Review

Host Jim Obermayer discusses with Paul Roberts of OC Talk Radio, about the compensation programs for CMOs. Plus as a bonus, Obermayer brings interviews from the Integrated Market Summit Conference (January 30-31st in San Diego). He interviews Shawn Ellridge, Shawn Flaherty of ITX Corporation, Mac McIntosh from Acquire B2B, Jennifer Allen from Victor Marketing, and Julie Newmark from Outward Media Inc.

Obermayer said that this summit was unusual in its choice of topics. There was a keynote by the venerated Don E. Schultz interesting presentations by Shelly Kramer of V3 Integrated Marketing, Michelle Killebrew of IBM Social Business. Aaron Bolshaw of Act-On Software, Audie Chamberlain of, Nicholas Muldoon from Twitter, Eric Holtzclaw of Laddering Work’s, Matt Hertig and Michelle Jacobs of Alight Analytics, Tim Ash of SiteTuners (Your baby is Ugly) Roy Pun from Adobe, Amanda Kahlow of 6Sense Insights, Pam Didner of Intel. If you missed IMS, it will appear in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Raleigh-Durham and Austin kin the coming months.

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