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Sep 2017

Slick Salesforce Interactivity for Events and Your Sales Team


Host, Peter Gillett welcomes Elements, CEO, Ian Gotts. Some of the points they'll be covering include:

  • Tradeshow integration a must for speed of follow-up – working with salesforce Admins
  • Ease of producing QR codes for event registrations and fast check-in to get rid of paper lists and handwritten badges!
  • Will the universal badge idea ever happen?
  • Everyday content availability and auto-lead capture for the sales guys who won’t!

 You may also be interested in Peter's perspective here:

Why Should Sales People LOVE Tradeshows?

Innovations in Mobile Lead Capture

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Zuant is a new generation of mobile lead capture system. One you can use at every Tradeshow and Event, or even every day when you're on the road to present and send videos and literature to your customers. It looks great and eliminates the need for manually entering your leads later. Now that's smart.

Aug 2017

Why Should Sales People LOVE Tradeshows?


In business these days, it’s increasingly difficult to connect by phone, let alone face to face meetings, which is why Tradeshows are back in fashion with a vengeance. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 2017

Innovations in Mobile Lead Capture

How Mobile Lead Capture is the Future for Better Qualified Leads from Events

20170817-tweet-gillett-zuant2.jpg Read the rest of this entry »

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