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Nov 2017

5 Things Kevin Joyce of Pedowitz has Learned about Business and Life

November 21, 2017


Have you ever wondered how some people have become so smart?  Did they make the mistakes youmade?  What has driven them to accomplish so much?   In this interview we ask Kevin Joyce, CMO of the Pedowitz Group to tell us the about the five things he has learned in business and life.  His answers surprised me and I think they will surprise you also.   He talked about:

1. How he came believe in Carpe Diem because of a death of a close friend.

2. Why finding the things you're really good at will make a difference in your life.

3. How leading from the front and behind makes all of the difference in mouintaineering and business.

4. Why it isn't enough to be smart.

5. And the importance of managing your fears.  

Kevin Joyce, CMO/Vic President Strategy Services, the Pedowitz Group

Kevin Joyce is CMO and vice president of strategy services with The Pedowitz Group. He holds a unique combination of marketing skills and sales experience that helps companies to bridge the gap between sales and marketing. Last year he was named one of SLMA’s Top 40 Most Inspiring in B2B Lead Generation.

Kevin has successfully launched numerous products and services as a director of product marketing at Sequent, as a director of sales at IBM, as vice president of marketing at Unicru, and as CEO at Rubicon Marketing Group. He holds a BS in Engineering from the University of Limerick, Ireland and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Portland.

About The Pedowitz Group – Connecting Marketing to Revenue™

The Pedowitz Group wrote the book, and is the undisputed thought leader on Revenue Marketing™. As your partner, TPG helps you plan, build and optimize your revenue engine by delivering services in MarTech, demand generation and marketing operations. To discover how we can help your organization become successful Revenue Marketers™, visit  or call us at 855-REV-MKTG or visit Revenue Marketer Blog.

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