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Apr 2011

April 28 Show: Mary Dedrick, Kristi Gloppen

April 27, 2011

Kristi Gloppen Sr. Manager, Web Marketing, Advertising & Sales Enablement - Xilinx, Inc.

Kristi Gloppen is an established communications professional with over ten years of B-to-B marketing experience. Her areas of expertise include: electronic direct marketing, advertising, social media and lead management. Kristi has spent the past 2 decades in the high-tech, electronics industry focused on creating sales and marketing campaigns targeting electronic engineers. She has degrees in both Communications and Business.


Mary Dedrick – Chief Operating Officer As COO Performark

Mary Dedrick is responsible for all aspects of operations and strategy development. Her keen ability to marry process and technology has been instrumental in driving Performark’s highly successful outsourcing solutions that integrate people, process and discipline resulting in sales and marketing alignment based on buyer-centric lead management processes.

With more than twenty-five years of experience, Mary is a visionary leader with a deep business process background. She understands the technical implications of complex relationships and has a proven track record of architecting and deploying innovative, results-oriented, practical solutions to a range of business and systems related challenges.

Prior to Performark, Mary was Senior Vice President of Web Enablement for Innuity, Inc., with responsibility for customer-facing elements of the business, operations, business delivery, inside sales and customer service. During her tenure with Innuity, Mary conceived and orchestrated the design and delivery of a patent-pending production process for automated web site creation which contributed to the company’s 400%+ growth in three years.

Mary has held various technology-related positions in diverse organizations and industries including Computer Power Group, Health Central (now Allina Health Systems), Baxter Travenol, Northrup King and Control Data.