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Mar 2019

B2B Data: Scarcity, Abundance to Blindness and What’s Next

March 12, 2019


Mark Godley sits down with Theresa Kushner, Accomplished, Business-Centric Executive, Board Advisor, and friend. Theresa and Mark have a lively discussion about a wide range of data topics: GDPR, Cambridge Analytics, B2B vs B2C data, the role of Chief Data Officers and the revolutionary concept of “B-2-Me”.  Tune in this week to hear two data gurus discuss the changes, trends and the future of data.

About Mark's guest, Theresa Kushner

Accomplished, Business-Centric Executive and Board Advisor who understands data and leads companies through transformations in the midst of rapid technology, regulatory and market disruptions. Expertise harnessing data/analytics, company and customer information to lower costs and contribute multi-billion dollar growth for publicly traded, technology leaders. Overcomes challenges faced by the business application of technology to the data and information supply chain.

Known for ability to influence employee engagement through new initiatives, relishing innovation and reinventing business processes. Anticipates technical trends and develops tangible assets within a viable technical framework to allow for scalability, efficiency, and effectiveness. Qualified to advise CEOs and Boards of legacy and startups attempting – or developing products and services for digital transformations