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Apr 2021

Regularly Adjust Your Company’s Story to Stay Relevant and Interesting

April 13, 2021

Chapter 4 - Your Capital S Story by Paul Furiga

Susan's guest, Paul Furiga, author of Finding Your Capital S Story, opens this episode telling us, "In the old days before smartphones and Twitter, I would say that a small S story is something you read in the newspaper, and it's in the bottom of the birdcage tomorrow. Now we don't read newspapers that much anymore. What we do is we look at our Twitter feed and then we swipe that story away. So it's the same thing. The point is that the stories that we consume most of the time, don't rise to the level of answering the most important questions about your organization. That's why we created this term called the capital S Story. And the capital S Story is a story above all other stories that answer these questions. Why somebody would buy from you, work for you, invest in you, or partner with you.  These questions get to the very nature and character of your organization. And that's why your capital S Story is a story above all others.

Join them for a continuing discussion of why your story drives your brand.