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Oct 2021

Creating something beyond the pool of acceptable substitutes

October 4, 2021


This is the second part of the interview with Sean Doyle. We brought a couple of points back for context. We hope you take his points to heart regarding hiring a CMO, and the terminology used by Sales and Marketing - do they match?

4 Questions a CEO should know before hiring a CMO: You wouldn't hire your nephew out of high school to run your sales team, why do you do it to run  your marketing team and campaigns? 

"Here's another simple litmus test to sales and marketing have a common language, but what does sales call somebody who's at the point of action, they need a proposal. They want to know what it would look like to buy your product or service. What does marketing call that person? Just ask them those questions. If they don't even call a prospect the same thing, you don't have marketing alignment. If they don't understand what marketing alignment is at all, tell them, just Google it and start the journey. 

Here's a point that gets Sean fired up, "When I come into these great businesses that are doing everything well, they've, they've hired a CFO, who's a CPA and has worked at two or three companies and they get it. And they're really talented. They can do tax work, they can do audit work. They go out and they get someone to run their plant with 20 years' experience. And they get somebody to run the supply chain. That's been negotiating and navigating all the supply chain issues, really talented people. They bring in somebody to run customer service that knows the technical support. And then it comes to marketing and they say, well, you know, my nephew just graduated from, stop it. Stop. Just stop that. You would never do that with your accountant or anybody else on your executive team. Why do you hire that person? And then get frustrated and say marketing doesn't work." 

Here is the link to Sean's book: Shift: 19 Practical, Business-Driven Ideas for an Executive in Charge of Marketing but Not Trained for the Task  

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