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Jan 2018

Does your Martech Stack up?

January 17, 2018

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Tips and tricks from the field, Rhoan Morgan, your host and CEO of DemandLab chats with Delinda Tinkey, Sr. Sales and Marketing Automation Manager at Evolve IP. 

With over 5,000 martech solutions available today, it’s no surprise that marketers are outspending IT on technology investments, or that they’re using an average of 91 technology systems to support their marketing strategies. In this program, DemandLab CEO Rhoan Morgan interviews Delinda Tinkey, Sr. Sales and Marketing Automation Manager at Evolve IP who provides tips on how to:

  • Build a strong marketing stack
  • Evaluate and select new technologies
  • Overcome implementation challenges

About Delinda Tinkey

Delinda is a 4x Marketo Champion identified by Heinz Marketing as one of the Top 50 most influential people at Marketo’s 2016 user conference. Certified as both a Marketo Expert and Advanced Salesforce Administrator, Delinda has participated as a guest speaker on topics such as lead nurturing, Salesforce workflows, and marketing technology adoption. She currently oversees both sales and marketing technology at Evolve IP, one of the world’s fastest-growing cloud strategy companies. For over a decade, Evolve IP has delivered customized strategies and integrated services for both cloud computing and communications; providing solutions that are designed to work together and with the applications you already use in your business.

Rhoan Morgan is the Host

Rhoan Morgan is the CEO and co-founder of DemandLab, a consultancy that leverages technology-focused marketing to accelerate revenue for its clients. DemandLab builds strong martech systems architecture and integrations and delivers advanced marketing and sales programs through these systems.


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