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Oct 2020

Establishing Thought Leadership Through a Holistic Content Marketing Strategy

October 5, 2020


The importance of content marketing in the high-stakes world of wealth management is non-negotiable. How can you expect customers to let you handle their hard-earned cash when you haven’t proven your industry know-how?

Marketing automation can help you empower every client to feel like a smart, financially savvy investor. In this interview, David and Eric will dig into the different automation strategies you can employ to get the right content in front of the right person at the right time.

About Our Guest Host:

David Greenberg is the senior vice president of marketing at Act-On. Greenberg is a self-proclaimed brand loyalty enthusiast and brings more than 20 years of marketing leadership experience in high-growth technology organizations to the table. An early adopter of MarTech, he uniquely understands the challenges modern marketers face and strives to be an advocate and resource for growth marketers everywhere. With a firm belief that customers are more than just sales leads, Greenberg ensures all aspects of Act-On’s marketing and growth strategies are rooted in a memorable brand experience.

About David's Guest:

In his role at American Endowment Foundation (AEF), Eric provides thought leadership guidance on best practices in the field of donor-advised funds. As the Editor of AEF Insights, a weekly e-newsletter, Eric educates an audience of over 15,000 financial advisors with guidance and tips on how donor-advised funds can serve the interests of their clients.

He also produces a semi-monthly e-newsletter called Guidance for Good, a publication geared toward donors and potential donors on how to make a stronger charitable impact with their favorite causes.

Prior to his role at AEF, Eric worked in various marketing capacities in the cable TV, logistics, franchising, and e-commerce fields. He has depth in traditional and digital marketing efforts in the B2B & B2C realm.

He has served as an advisor with SCORE, a business advisory group, and is a past board member Torchbearers, a group of young professionals geared toward civic growth.