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Jul 2020

How a Marketing Platform Drives Customer Experience

July 20, 2020

ACT-ON Software SVP of Marketing David Greenberg on SLMA Radio


Marketing in B2B companies is divided into those companies that have a sophisticated marketing platform (aka marketing automation system) and those that don’t.  Those without a marketing automation system or marketing platform don’t know what’s happening to their marketplace until their pipeline is evaporating before their eyes. While marketing automation software users revel in the revenue growth, the biggest benefit, says David Greenberg, is enhanced customer experience.  Our program this week has industry expert David Greenberg, SVP at ACT-On. He explains the benefits of the benefit of marketing automation and marketing platforms.


About David Greenberg

David Greenberg is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Act-On. With a firm belief that customers are more than just sales leads, Greenberg ensures all aspects of Act-On’s marketing and growth strategies are rooted in a memorable brand experience.

He is a self-proclaimed brand loyalty enthusiast and brings more than 20 years of marketing leadership experience in high-growth technology organizations to the table.

David Greenberg on LinkedIn


About ACT-ON

“Act-On Software is the world’s growth marketing leader, offering solutions that empower marketers to move beyond the lead and engage targets at every step of the customer lifecycle. Act-On makes customer data actionable so marketers can strategize smart, effective solutions to grow their businesses and generate higher customer lifetime value – all with the fastest time-to-value. For more information, visit Act-On Software.”

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