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Feb 2017

How Predictive Marketing Leads to those Likely to Buy From You

February 9, 2017

250-SLMARADIO-20170209-amundsonjpg.jpgLead Gen will never be the same again!

On the surface predictive marketing sounds like a gamble on the future with a little bit of fortune telling thrown in, but that would be a wrong assumption.  In this interview with Matt Amundson Vice President at EverString, we explore the scientific (yes we have used the “S” word) roots of using artificial intelligence to guide marketing to those most likely to buy.  Lead generation will never be the same again.  The host is Jim Obermayer

About our guest Matt Amundson

Vice President of Sales Development & Field Marketing at EverString. With more than 10 years of sales and marketing experience, Matt has held roles in Demand Generation and Sales Development at TIBCO, Marketo, Foster Grant and Red Bull. His primary focus is on creating processes that generate consistent, closable pipeline. Matt is a graduate of UCLA and also participated on the football team, so expect plenty of references to sport, teamwork and the power of coaching.

About EverString

Founded in 2012 by JJ Kardwell and Vincent Yang, EverString’s vision is to change the way businesses grow revenue by organizing the world’s company and employee information using artificial intelligence.  With more than $78 million in funding and an organization staffed with industry leaders, EverString is the leading provider of AI for marketing and sales.

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