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Mar 2011

March 24 Show: SalesForce Apps that make salespeople better salespeople.

March 28, 2011

Frank Verril, President of Advanced Image Direct and CLoud2You

Cloud2You is a better, faster, more economical way to compose, manufacture and mail personal letters or greeting cards in closed face envelopes, even brochures and postcard formats.Cloud2You is part of Advanced Image Direct.Cloud2You was conceived and developed by Advanced Image Direct (AID), one of the country’s largest and most secure direct mail manufacturers located in Fullerton, California. They are producing mail for Fortune 100 companies nationally on a wide range of production platforms from web & digital presses including state of the art personalization capabilities on through to intelligent inserting and mailing. They know mail and produce a lot of it!

Dave Stone, President of Red Sky Solutions.

Red Sky Solutions implements CRM solutions. As a premiere, certified partner, they combine's award-winning CRM solutions with their business process and industry best-practices implementation expertise. This allows organizations to more effectively manage and share sales, marketing, and support information across the company - all without software - and in much shorter time.

Red Sky Solutions provides the right balance of hands-on implementation guidance and expertise to ensure the solution is aligned with your business requirements - while still being sensitive to the bottom line investment.The company’s focus is on improving effectiveness in three main functional areas of a company - Sales, Marketing, and Services/Support.

Jim Banks, CEO of Shade Tree Technology – Incite2

Shade Tree Technologies improves Sales Performance Today with More Calls & Better conversationswith Incite2. Efficiency is about making more calls and having more conversations.  Incite2 is the first purpose-built solution that equips sales professionals with everything they need to significantly increase performance and do the job better.  The product goes way beyond native capabilities to support the entire workflow of the calling process including: call preparation and research, prospect engagement, conversation and next step recording and team reporting.

Incite2 simplifies with a single screen interface that increases calling performance between 20% - 50%.  Qualifying more leads & move deals through the pipeline faster is what Incite2 does.

It’s Dynamic Conversation Playbooks enable sales professionals to deliver the right information, to the right person at the right time... enabling sales professionals to put more deals into the pipeline. Playbooks enable reps to move beyond improvising each call... to utilizing a rich infrastructure of information that is uniquely targeted