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May 2018


May 28, 2018

Call Jim Obermayer at: 415-521-4278

If you are interested in hosting a show, advertising , being a guest, or more, let us know by filling in the form below.


Place your commercial on our shows shows for $50 per program: you have your message to their audiences and on their websites. 12 minimum

Your Commercials on Funnel Radio shows in several time slots

You can run your commercial on other Funnel Radio Shows.
Your commercial extends your message to other program listeners.
The commercial remains with the program as long as the program is offered for listeners.

Other ways to use the shows on the Funnel Radio Channel for free

Embed code is available for all shows. You may use them as a talking point on your own blog/site. You may also add content to your site through our embedded players. Just ask us about either option.

*Please note, that once your commercial has been added to a show, it cannot be changed. Try to use evergreen information in your commercial to ensure it will always be current. We can change your commercial moving forward, but not for past shows.

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Commercials on shows.
Being a guest on a show.
Sponsoring a show.

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